Gestural Brushstrokes, signed edition of 200

Gestural Brushstrokes cover.jpg
Gestural Brushstrokes cover.jpg

Gestural Brushstrokes, signed edition of 200


Document of an Archive

66 pages

Limited to 200 copies, each is numbered and signed.

These painted marks are many things: a collection of shapes, colours and textures; a reminder or proof of human presence. They recall the knowledge of physical gesture so their creation is clear and unmysterious. They might be complete things, or they may be part of a grander scheme. They represent an archive containing building blocks or stepping stones.

At first a personal pursuit of of joy: playing with fundamental mark-making as generations have done, realising the possibility for infinite variation, isolated they become raw materials for reassembling into more or less complex constructions, a library of unique marks affording control in the fabrication of new work: more than the sum of their parts.

As detached gestures they can be examined closely, human decisions and activity can be traced, they can be appreciated solely as definite marks. In this perfect form, what can be communicated? Do they have value, can they be regarded as complete? 

An archive is both a jangling collection of things, and a coiled spring. The multiplicity has potential to harmonise and to be discordant. The components of the archive are related and they have a common author, but it is not until they are accessed that the archive becomes active and its potential can be glimpsed.

The authorship of the pieces forming this archive is merely part of a process, not a point of significance. Proprietary status is unclaimed and unwanted, instead this archive has been opened in order to be distributed and used by others.

This book is a partial catalogue but also a document where selected marks are analysed and ordered. Each mark has been titled with unlikely and yet resonant handles: old varieties of apple, now whimsical, once familiar, their connotations are lost.

Finally: a new start. The marks have been digitised and are ready for examination and distribution across networks. Use the database ( and appropriate the gestures as you wish. Browse and remix.

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